Results By Volume

A short a sweet blog post today. 

Why are the vast majority of athletes and coaches still locked into a 'results-by-volume' approach? 

I've never been a fan of spending hours and hours in the gym for the sake of wearing the 'badge of honour' that tells everyone you worked out for 2.5 hours. 

Whenever possible I've always tried to get the maximum amount of work done, in the minimum amount of time. I take the same approach with my clients. 

Surely if I can achieve the same results with my clients in half the time, leaving them plenty of time for recovery and regeneration...then I'm the better coach? 

Volume is probably THE biggest issue when comes to overtraining and under-performance. If you are out there putting hours and hours of 'junk training' in then I think you need to WAKE UP...not only is it possible to achieve MORE in LESS time, if you work with me it is MANDATORY!