S&C Trends For 2013

I was recently asked what trends from S&C for 2013 would filter through to the big box gyms. If you actually Google fitness trends you discover pretty quickly that everything old is new again! What you also discover is that there are some training concepts that just don't make sense!

So what do I think can be taken from the world of High Performance S&C that will impact on what takes place out there for the masses? Here's what I came up with.

I've coached a lot of female athletes during my career and I'm convinced that this is the way forward for females training to get fit and stay in shape. It's interesting that Jessica Ennis topped a recent survey of 'aspirational physiques for women', trust me, she's not doing endless cardio classes and lifting 0.5 kg dumbells for tricep kickbacks!

The application of performance monitoring has really taken off in high performance sport and we are now starting to see this technology filter through into the mainstream. If your clients/athletes use this type of technology then you as a coach should embrace it and use the data to enhance the support that you are providing.

Let me know what you think, did I miss something?