Stories are data with soul

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If you want to persuade an athlete to incorporate strength and conditioning into their training schedule, you could run through all of the logical reasons why it's a good idea and back everything up with science.

Crack open the spreadsheet and go for it!

This approach may work, but if you want to improve the chances of your recommendations landing, you should consider planting your ideas using stories and emotion.

Carmine Gallo explains in his book, Talk Like Ted that "you simply cannot persuade through logic alone." Our brains process complex information within stories more effectively.

There's even science that shows 'brain to brain coupling' or a deep connection between the storyteller and the person listening.

When we move beyond logic and spreadsheets and connect with our athletes on a deeper level we are far more likely to stand a chance of persuading them that shifting some tin is a good idea!

If you want to talk data, give it some soul!

Source - Brene Brown - TEDx Houston 2010