Strength and Conditioning In Injury Rehabilitation

Last year I met with the team at CORE Fitness Education to explore the idea of taking the underpinning principles covered during my 2-Day course and creating an online version for healthcare professionals. Demand for my 2-Day practical course was exceeding my ability to deliver (to meet demand I would have had to been on the road every weekend which wouldn't have been popular with Mrs G and the rest of the family!). An online course seemed like a great solution to the growing interest in strength and conditioning and it's role in injury rehabilitation.

Whilst it is definately a great solution, it's taken a considerable amount of development to get it to the release point. The content from my exisitng course has been fully updated, I've created an extensive reference lists for each module and we have end of module tests to check understanding. So here we are...the new online course is ready to go!

This online course should take approximately 15 hours to complete with a mixture of online videos, additional tasks and extra reading. I will take you through how to integrate Strength and Conditioning into an injury rehabilitation programme for your client. You will look at what Strength and Conditioning is and how it originated, the physical preparation concepts for Strength and Conditioning, the principles of programme design for Strength and Conditioning, strength and power loading concepts and how best to engage clients with their rehabilitation programme.

Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements for this course. Previous students have come from a range of backgrounds from health care professionals, physiotherapists, exercise referral students, personal trainers and those interested in learning more about how Strength and Conditioning can support injury rehabilitation.


You will be supported throughout the course by your dedicated educational supervisor and the CORE Fitness Education team.


Module 1 - What is Strength and Conditioning?

In module 1 you will learn about what strength and conditioning is, the origins and importance of strength and conditioning within a modern injury rehabilitation programme, and the importance of evidence based strength and conditioning.

Module 2 - Physical Preparation Concepts

In module 2 you will learn about the relationship between each cornerstone of physical preparation in relation to rehabilitation programme design. You will look at the importance of establishing the patient's rehabilitation purpose, how to develop optimal movement quality as part of your exercise prescription. You'll learn to take into account the functionality of each activity. You will discover the importance of creating time efficient sessions, maintaining continuity throughout the rehabilitation process and the often forgotten need to allow sufficient periods of recovery during rehabilitation

Module 3 - Programme Design Principles

In module 3 you will learn about the fundamental principles of injury rehabilitation, planning and programming; how to orientate the rehabilitation and reconditioning programme around the available resources and physical attributes of the patient, and the five point process of programme design.

Module 4 - Strength and Power Loading Concepts

In module 4 you will learn about fundamental loading strategies; how to develop the specific strength requirements of a patient based on their rehabilitation outcomes and the relationship between load and velocity and how this influences programme design.

Module 5 - Patient Engagement

In module 5 you will learn about the importance of developing your non-clinical skills to improve patient engagement. You will learn about the fundamentals of patient engagement, key resilience mechanisms and the importance of self-determination.