Take Action - Jobs Don't Just Fall On Your Lap

I love working with athletes and I take a great deal of pride when I see them doing well, but I probably get an even bigger sense of satisfaction when I receive messages from S&C coaches telling me how they are getting on out in the big bad world of S&C (you know the world, the place where it currently seems very popular to bitch and moan about how tough it is to get a job).

This week I had a text from a coach that I first met 3 years ago and an e-mail from a young student that I've never even spoken to. Both messages made me smile and both proved that whilst it is a bloody tough profession to break into, the people that get their head down and crack on will make it. The rest will sit on the side lines, have a little moan and follow an alternative career path.

This was the text I received on Tuesday morning, it made me smile... I first met this coach 3 years ago. He attended my first 'You're Hired' workshop and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why! He ran a successful PT company and drove a far nicer car than I did! However, S&C was his passion and he wanted to put his nuts on the line and switch careers. He didn't want to call himself a PT/S&C coach. He wanted to do it properly and immerse himself in the profession.

We kept in touch and spoke on numerous occasions about how he was getting on with his adventure into S&C. At times I could tell frustration was creeeping in but he kept at it and 3 years down the line he sends me a text on a Tuesday morning to tell me he's secured a fantastic job as a Performance Coach working for Hinsta Performance HG.

He took action.

The second message dropped into my inbox the next day and came from a young coach that I've never even met.

From: Daniel Speirs Subject: Thank you!

Date: 13th May 2015 15:04:52 GMT

Dear Nick,

I hope this e-mail finds you and your family well! I would firstly like to say thank you! Your book has given me in simple terms, the royal kick up the arse I needed! The way it's written captured me from the beginning, an after completing every task all the way through I realised I am nowhere near a ninja, and I now have a clear plan of what I need to do not only in the next 4 weeks, but also in the long term to become a strength and conditioning coach. I have my final exam next Wednesday of my Sport and Exercise Science degree and before reading your book it was a daunting thought, however I am now genuinely excited to get those hands dirty! Once again, thank you for a brilliant read! I look forward to keeping a keen eye on your future work!

Kind Regards,

Daniel Speirs  

He's taking action. I look forward to hearing from Daniel in 3 years time when he's landed that dream role.

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