The Hips Don't Lie

I've just spent 3-days with Duncan French working with a group of coaches on our 3-day mentorship. One area that we spend a lot of time on was 'movement', particularly multidimensional speed and agility.

I was watching Duncan take the coaches through a range of acceleration and deceleration drills, gradually building to a simple change of direction. At each point he asked the coaches to look at the hips. You see, the hips tell us which direction the next most efficient movement needs to take place in.

If your hips are square on when you decelerate you're next movement is going to be forwards or backwards.

If you stop and open your stance diagonally, you've got other options available to you, forward/backward on the diagonal.

Whilst I was listening to Duncan, Shakira entered my mind (it's better than Duncan being in my head!) and the line from her song "the hips don't lie".

Now I'm really over simplifying things here but when you are looking at movement and change of direction, take a look at the hips, they'll tell you where the next movement should take you.