The Reflective Practitioners Journal

High Performance Coaches Josh Fletcher and Sam Portland have created a fantastic resource that I will encourage every coach I work with to use, 'The Reflective Practitioners Journal'.

We give our athletes so much and don't put enough time aside for our wellbeing.

Both Sam and Josh have hit the wall professionally and experienced burnout. It has a profound impact on physical, emotional and mental health. So these guys have drawn a line in the sand, deciding personally to take control of their wellbeing and make it their mission to support other practitioners on their journey to a better work-life balance.

The Reflective Practitioner Journal is the only product of its kind designed specifically to help guide performance practitioners towards a healthier and happier work-life balance.

Using the 12-week reflective practitioner program and the happy practitioner exercises, you can begin a compelling process of taking control of your personal and professional journey because you are more than just a performance practitioner.

Daily Check-In

Josh took the inventive and beautifully simple three up three down method of reflective practice from his work with the Special Forces. This method encourages you to limit your negative reflection and ensures that you positively engage with your daily debrief. The 'Just for me' section ensures that you engage with your happiness, health and wealth every day, prioritising it and giving your wellbeing the energy it deserves.

Weekly Check-In

These meso level exercises support you in identifying your recurring good and bad habits. Alongside positive weekly reflection with the 'small wins' and 'big wins' sections, you have a powerful weekly springboard to summarise your week's progress. Finally, you can draw this feedback together with the weeks recurring thoughts and the actions you plan to take in the following week. The scribbles that matter pages give you the freedom to expand on anything from the past week. It is your chance to open up and write freely about where you are in that moment. Let it all out and wax lyrical.

Monthly Check-In

There are three monthly macro check-ins designed to allow you to write openly about the previous month. This followed by zooming in on precisely what happened from a happiness, health and wealth perspective in the last month. Next, space is provided to document your plans and targets from the upcoming month regarding your happiness, health and wealth. Use the ribbons to mark your spot so you can reflect each month quickly.

The Happy Practitioner Exercises

Because you are more than just a performance practitioner, each of the 12 exercises fall at the end of each week. They are designed to give you the time and space to invest in yourself a bit more effectively so you can explore what you want to achieve. They will be challenging exercises that provide you with the skills to take control of your personal and professional pathway.