Therapist Learning - S&C Bundle

Following the success of our most recent podcast for Phsyio Matters, I was asked if I would contribute to a Strength & Conditioning Bundle.

It was a no-brainer!

The Strength and Conditionign Bundle contains lectures from leading S&C therapists Claire Minshull, Andrew McCauley and yours truely!

The bundle also contains a panel discussion that I was part on exploring where therapy ends and coaching begins.

Check out the full contents below!

Without Specificity You Are Just Shooting In The Dark - Claire Minshull 

Join Claire as she sheds light on specificity in exercise prescription. This will make sure you are able to utilise the specific and the general exactly when you need to in order to help your patients achieve their goals. Learning Objectives  Learn what specificity is Non-specific effects vs non specific interventions Advantages of specific approach Achieving specificity Lower Limb S&C In Rehab;

Coach the patient not the programme - Andrew McCauley  

Join Andrew as he discusses a real challenge in clinical practice which is to ensure we tailor exercise programmes to the individual and retain effectiveness! Improve your prescription skills and ability to utilise strength and conditioning in clinic. 

Learning Objectives  What is the key factor when developing a rehab programme? Measuring & the Missing Link in strength training? What is good coaching and how can we coach better?

Beyond 3 Sets of 10 - Nick Grantham

Beyond 3 sets of 10 goes about teaching you how tweaking the variables of sets and reps can help you get so much more out of rehab programs. What do you do if you want more strength? More endurance? More something else? Nick has all the information!  Learning Objectives  Learn how manipulating sets and reps can help  Practically apply this to clients/patients  Prescribe better, more individualised programs 

Coaching and Therapy; Overlaps and Distinctions 

Nick Grantham, Rhys Shorney, Ellie Richardson Recorded at Therapy Live Sport (07/11/2020) this panel discussion covered the topic of where therapy ends and coaching begins. When are we stepping on toes and when are we helping? Be a better therapist by understanding the roles and how you can blur the lines appropriately.  Learning Objectives  Where does coaching start and therapy end  How to be a better team therapist  How to appropriately move to coaching to help athletes