Unlock Know How

Have you ever wondered?

Am I focussing on the right areas to help the athletes I'm working with?

Am I up-to-date, prioritising and creative enough with the most important knowledge?

Am I doing the right work in the right way to make a difference with the athletes I'm engaged with?

Your solution The Supporting Champions 'Applied Performance Practitioner Programme' courses are designed for you to succeed as a support practitioner working in sports performance. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced professional who needs to realign your focus and refresh your skills - these courses are designed for you to be sure you're equipped to create impact for the clients you're working with.

I've joined up with the team at Supporting Champions to create a brand new course to help strength and conditioning coaches create impact. Steve Ingham established Supporting Champions to help sport science professionals achieve world-class results and I'm thrilled to be part of this new initiative.

This course will enables practitioners to deliver excellence as a strength and conditioning coach. The challenges for the modern strength and conditioning coach are numerous and varied, ranging from utilising quality processes for programming to nurturing and maintaining relationships with coaches and athletes through to simply finding ways to keep people engaged.

This programme provides frameworks that enable practitioners to find clarity, methods that unlock engagement, explore relationships with coaches, enable them to embrace the environment to create more impact and ensure they are keeping session delivery lively and effective.

"I've designed this course specifically to help strength and conditioning coaches create impact. I often see coaches focus on the x's and o's or taking a short term approach. This programme will help you think, act and work in a more ambitious way, to create more sustained success in your role."

Learn essentials of physical preparation

Craft engaging and effective sessions

Design quality programmes

Stay up to date with the latest technology

Is this the right fit for You?

What's the difference between this course and what I might learn at university? Very simply - this course is truly applied and designed to create impact for you because it is informed by experience and tailored to enhance your effectiveness. 

The focus of the course is at the beginner to intermediate level of practitioner performance. So if you are about to start a role, want to skill up for a role or have experience and need a renewed focus to orient your work onto what is really important, to do so with confidence that you're going to be able to make impact and improve performance - this course is for you.

The minimum requirements for registration is that you are undertaking or have undertaken a bachelors degree in sports and/exercise science degree or equivalent. 

This isn't just a flash in the pan course. All too often you go on a course and you don't soak it all up at the time. This course is different as you'll have access to the course material for at least 12 months. So if you prefer to go back and reflect a little more you'll be able to do just that.

If you value connection as well as content, then we've got that covered. When you sign up for the course you'll be enrolled into our community for at least 12 months to help support you, give you a chance to ask your questions and develop.

 Cut through the noise

 Focus on what matters

  Skill up to make an impact