What Do Physiotherapists Want?

I've been delivering courses to physio's and allied health professionals for over a decade. At the start of each course I always ask what that want to take away from the day and this weekend I captured those learning outcomes on sticky notes and then recreated them on this graphic.

This is pretty representative of the learning outcomes that delegates want to explore on each course. If you're a physiotherapist or allied health professional and you would like to improve your understanding of strength and conditioning and how you integrate it into your daily practice, you may be interested in my course.

Here's a snapshot of the key topics that I cover:

Programme Design and Planning - design evidence based prescriptions that deliver results. Discover how to apply appropriate techniques with an understanding of how to progress during the rehabilitation process.

Strength and Power Loading Concepts - understand the force velocity curve and how to identify the patients strength requirements. Provide evidence of the the physiological principles of loading in relation to the desired functional adaptation.

Training Variables - manipulation of key training variables (sets, reps, load, recovery) to bring about specific adaptations. Patient engagement - discover how to ensure your rehabilitation programme actually gets done.

Practical Exercise Solutions - learn through hands on sessions, appropriate exercise selection, progression and regression.