You're Hired - Charity Donation

In July 2014 I launched You're Hired: an insiders guide to becoming a strength and conditioning coach.

It's a book that I felt had been needed for a long a time but it seemed that no one was willing to put pen to paper and lift the lid on exactly how tough it is to make it in the strength and conditioning profession. I figured that if no one else was going to do it, I would. Not only that, rather than line my own pocket and fund the Grantham family holiday to Barbados (now wouldn't that be nice) I would donate 100% of the sales to charity. Correct, not a single penny goes into my back pocket and as a result the Granthams's have a day at Whitley Bay to look forward to in August!

The first copy was bought on July 11th 2014 and in just under a year the book has been sold throughout the world (Croatia, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Bermuda, USA, Spain, Netherlands and UK) and raised over £2000 for the chosen charities (Marie Curie Cancer Care and The UKSCA's Richard Holmes Memorial Fund).

I've been helped along the way by a lot of people and just wanted to say a quick thank you for the help and advice.

The backroom staff at the UKSCA Thanks for supporting the project and figuring out how to use the funds raised for the UKSCA's Richard Holmes Memorial Fund. At the moment the winner of the Emerging Coach of the Year award will receive a fully funded place at the 2016 Conference and I'm thinking up a special additioanal gift for the winner.

Brendan Chaplin and Keir Wenham Flatt These two shy and retiring S&C coaches boosted the charity pot by donating sales proceeds from projects they were involved in. £1100 to be precise. Great work fellas. Keir donated £10 from every sale of his seminar series in December and Brendan donated the proceeds from the original You're Hire DVD that he helped produce back in 2013.

Bernadette Wilson Despite arriving late for a UKSCA Workshop, having stopped off for a coffee. Bernie was the one that organised the link with Marie Curie and kicked me up the arse to get the project finished and raising funds. Thanks for you support Bernie.

This book is for you if you're interested in becoming a S&C coach.

This book is for you if you're struggling to break into the profession.

This book is for you if you're thinkning about jacking it all in and going to work in a call centre.

This book is for a friend that you know fits into the first three categories

This book is for you, even if you don't know anyone that fits into the first three categories, but you want the book anyway to raise much needed funds for two great causes!