Context, talent, thin slices and luck

sent by Nick Grantham | 1st March 2022

"There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis."

Malcolm Gladwell

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We increasingly spend an excessive amount of time pouring over multiple data sources, analysing a complex array of numbers, facts, and figures to make a decision. But sometimes less is more. I've worked with big data, and I've also worked with little or no information. Yet, through experience, I've come to appreciate that there are times when quick decisions based on less available information can, in fact, be a more accurate and faster decision making process. This is because we can take a small amount of information in a “thin slice” and make sense from it using a combination of experience and intuition.

Source: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

"Anyone can get lucky, not everyone can persevere."

Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

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After starting my career, I was invited to speak to the sport science students at my old university by Dave Kellett. Dave played a pivotal role in my development. I discussed my career pathway. I explained to the students how I was lucky to secure a position working in high-performance sport. Dave stopped me. He clearly felt I was selling myself short. He said, “Nick, you may have been lucky to get the job, but you've established yourself successfully in your role. That doesn't happen by luck; it's a result of the skills and knowledge you have developed and your work ethic.” I've often reflected on his comments. Sure, you may get a lucky break, but what happens next will be down to your hard work and determination

Source: The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

"When talent is lacking, habit will often suffice."

James Clear

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I'm not a talented coach, but I've worked hard every day for more than twenty years to get better. I'm not an expert writer, but I've become a best-selling author having started writing short articles. I'm not a gifted speaker. The first time I had to deliver a talk to an auditorium full of coaches, I crumbled, but I've gone on to deliver keynote speeches around the world. I agree with Geoff Colvin; talent is overrated! Habit will do just nicely

Source: James Clear

"Context shapes content."

Stuart McMillan

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Many coaches become fixated on the content of their sessions without considering the context they are working in. The facility, the athlete, the budget, the available resources, the point in the season are all contextual variables that should shape your decisions as a coach about the content of your training programmes. Ignore context, and the content becomes redundant

Source: 7 Key Concepts of Performance Therapy in Altis Weekly Newsletter 13.01.22 by Stuart McMillan

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