Expectations, the marketplace, command and control and being liked

sent by Nick Grantham | 22nd February 2022

"We focus on what we expect rather than what is most likely."

Daniel Kahenman

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Twice a week, I monitor players jump heights. Players often expect that they will produce a personal best every week and often seem disappointed when they deliver a bang average result. They can't understand why I'm not too bothered. I explain that I don't expect a record jump every week. If one in every ten jumps is above average, I'm pretty happy because delivering good results consistently is the key throughout the season. We celebrate when they do hit a personal best, but I don't expect to see another personal best anytime soon after that effort. I understand results will ultimately revert back to their average. Always keep the baseline in mind.

Source: Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahenman

"Where you start in the marketplace is not where you have to stay."

Jim Rohn

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We all start at the same level, where we end up is entirely up to us. Don't worry if your first role isn't working with the best athletes in the world.

Source: The Treasury of Quotes by Jim Rohn

"An effective coach asks questions instead of providing answers, supports athletes instead of judging them, and facilitates their development instead of dictating what has to be done."

Nick Grantham

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When I started as a coach, I knew what I had to do. I taught athletes how to lift and then evaluated their performance. Then, command and control was the name of the game. Not today. High-performance sport is an increasingly fluid environment, and modern performance practitioners need to give support and guidance rather than instructions.

Source: Nick Grantham

"Opportunities come through people, and people are more likely to bring opportunities to people they like."

James Clear

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Your success will be directly proportional to the quality of your network and the relationships you develop. Of course, you can have qualifications and experience, but they will count for very little if people think you're a dick!

Source: 3-2-1 Newsletter by James Clear

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