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sent by Nick Grantham | 16th February 2021

"That's the way Pop approaches every relationship. He fills their cups."

R.C. Buford

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In chapter four of The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle explores how to build belonging and relationships in a team. He recounts a story about how legendary basketball coach, Greg Popovich, deals with his players following a crushing defeat. Rather than issuing a bollocking to the players, he moves around the practice session from player to player, taking time to have an individual chat. These conversations aren't fluff; they're intimate and meaningful. R.C Buford notes that Popovich takes time to think about those interactions. He will be brutally honest when needed, but he will also make sure he 'fills the players' cups'. It's easy to either be the 'good guy' that's always nice or the bad guy that's always beating people with a stick. However, the key to establishing connections and building strong relationships is the ability to be like Greg Popovich, "he'll tell you the truth with no bullshit, and then he'll love you to death."

Source: The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle

"When faced with a challenge, get smarter."

Ed Catmull

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Would you hire someone more intelligent than you? How comfortable would you feel if a new member of staff was more intelligent than you? I've hired people that have been way smarter than me. I've welcomed new members of staff that were super bright. How did I feel? If I'm honest, I initially felt nervous, and probably a little bit threatened; after all, I'm supposed to be the senior staff member. But if we want to improve, create outstanding performance teams, become the best, we need to put our insecurities to one side and realise that surrounding ourselves with people who are smarter than we are is the way forward. I'm comfortable being the dumbest person in the room. At least I'm in the room, and, given half a chance, I'll be able to learn a bunch of stuff from all of the other brainboxes! You will only overcome a challenge by getting smarter, and the other people in the room can help.

Source: Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull

"Any successful change requires a translation of ambiguous goals into concrete behaviours."

Damian Hughes

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During last week's webinar, we explored the critical steps that performance teams need to take when implementing change. The first challenge is to take the brainwave of one person (the person who thinks it's a good idea for the change to take place) and create a tangible set of behaviours and decisions that need to take place every step of the way. Damian Hughes describes this as a 'script', and it reminds me of the training plans I regularly write for athletes. The better the script or program, the easier it is to overcome those tricky points (the messy middle, as Damian describes it) that every project inevitably runs into. If you're trying to make a change and it's not going to may be because you've not really got a plan.

Source: The Barcelona Way by Damian Hughes

"Strategy is about winning, not fighting."

Ross Brawn and Adam Parr

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Many performance teams operate in silo's and departmental structures often go a long way to create and reinforce division. Brilliant people beaver away doing their own thing, and the need to 'dig in and defend individual territories' often comes to the fore. Ross Brawn believes that the only place conflict should take place was on the track, and then "only between his whole team and the others." The 'fight' shouldn't be taking place within your department, team or organisation. You should all be standing shoulder to shoulder, avoiding unnecessary conflict with each other and directing that energy toward the competition.

Source: Total Competition by Ross Brawn and Adam Parr

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