Refinement, clown cars, improvement and vision

sent by Nick Grantham |18th January 2022

"We live in a world of refinement, not in a world of invention."

Marco Pierre White

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Most of the heavy lifting in high performance sport has already been done. We are simply refining what has gone before us and creating modern training concepts and strategies based on the groundwork of others.

Source: The Devil in the Kitchen by Marco Pierre White

"Practice only makes for improvement."

Les Brown

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Practice makes perfect. Not according to Les Brown, who believes we can always better our best. I've read several autobiographies recently written by comedians, actors and chefs, many of whom we would regard as the best in their profession. But there was a common thread that ran through each book. No matter how much success they enjoyed, even at the height of their fame and fortune, they rarely (if ever) felt they had reached a state of perfection. On the rare occasion where they may have thought they had reached the pinnacle in their chosen career, they very quickly switched their focus to once again looking for breakthroughs. They were always seeking improvement rather than perfection. Source: Random Instagram Reel featuring Les Brown

Source: Random Instagram Reel featuring Les Brown

"Chasing rainbows in a clown car."

Bob Mortimer

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How often do you find yourself chasing rainbows in a clown car? Bob Mortimer has a beautiful way with words, and the minute I read this line, I was reminded of all the times throughout my career where I had jumped into that clown car and sped off in search of the rainbow. Unfortunately, I never found the rainbow, and the clown car nearly always fell apart on the way! We can't control or change every situation or person we encounter, so don't waste your time trying. Figure out what is within your control and apply all of your effort and energy toward that.

Source: And Away by Bob Mortimer?

"Vision drives decision"

Chris Voss

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You can only make a good decision if you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. And what's more, if you work as part of a team or organisation, that vision has to be aligned. Otherwise, no matter how good the individual decisions may seem, they won't help your group or organisation realise that vision.

SourceNever Split The Difference by Chris Voss

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