Pacey Performance Podcast - Football Special

I was delighted to be invited onto a Special Edition of the Pacey Performance Podcast. 

This episode sees me speaking with Ross Burbeary (Head of Sports Science at Nottingham Forest FC), and  Nathan Winder (Head of Sports Science at Barnsley FC).

In this episode you will learn

Who are Ross, Nick and Nathan and how they got to where they are today

What is the state of S&C/sports science in football right now?

How to keep players sharp when playing so many games in-season

How are strength & power gains maintained when players are playing Saturday/Tuesday on a regular basis

When working with large groups, as is the case in football, how does 'coaching' change compared to being one on one with a player Injury prevention in football

Ways of collecting data to manage fatigue, assess readiness etc, are we actually using this data effectively to guide training design?

Systems found to have the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to screening

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