Physio Matters Podcast - S&C Special

I was first invited to speak to the guys at The Physio Matters Podcast back in 2017 to take a look at strength and conditioning and it's role in the injury rehabiltiation process.

You can go back and listen to it here Beyond 3 Sets of 10

Last week I was invited back...but this time I wasn't alone! I was joined by Claire Minshull and Andrew McCauley for our take on...S&C Physio Fad or Physio Future.

"Strength and Conditioning" has become rather a buzzphrase in the MSK Therapy world in recent times (depsite the fact that I've been delivering courses for more than a decade to physio's and allied health proressionals!).

In this episode of the podcast we take a dive deep into the topic and this is wall to wall brilliant information.