Propel2Perform Podcast

Last week I jumped on a Zoom call with Grant Jenkins and a group of coaches that take part in his Propel 2 Perform programme. It's sort of a podcast but Grant really makes it feel like an open conversation and the other coaches on the call have the chance to chip in and ask questions as we go along.

It was a great conversation and we covered a wide range of topics. I talk about my views on developing a breadth of experience, which bucks the trend toward early career specialisation in sport science and strength and conditioning.

Should you study an undergraduate degree specifically in strength and conditioning. You may be surprised by my response.

We also look at how I've worked with a 'business coach' to help focus my time and effort when establishing myself consultant back in 2007. I always had multiple revenue streams but working with a professional helped me use my time much more effectively.

We agreed to disagree about one of my favourite books, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie!

You can check out our Zoom call here


and you should check out Grant's programme if you're serious about developing your career.