The art of coaching

I first met Brett Bartholomew back in November 2016 at the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association National Conference out in Melbourne. I'd already heard a fair bit about Brett but we hadn't met so I was looking forward to catching up with him and hearing him speak.

I wasn't disappointed, his presentation was fantastic, but more importantly he was a top bloke to sit down and chat with away from the conference. We have stayed in touch ever since and he's someone I have a lot of time for. When he reached out to me last year to record an episode on The Art of Coaching Podcast I jumped at the opportunity.

The podcast is a little different to the usual S&C podcasts and he's really interested in getting to the core at how to change attitudes behaviours and outcomes across a wide range of settings.

Here are four reasons I think you should listen to this podcast.

1. Being a Specialist Generalist, why it's not always beneficial to focus all of your attention on working in one sport.

2. Finding the common touch points with your athletes and knowing when to refer an athlete to a colleague when a connection is lacking.

3. The three A's that I use to capture an athlete's performance.

4. My take on where coaches are failing in having career plans and why this is.  

Check out my episode...

Brett has released some great resources, including Conscious Coaching.

Check out his podcast and his website

Brettthis is doing amazing things in this space.