The Mindset Athlete Podcast

A couple of weeks ago I spoke to James Roberts on his Mindset Athlete Podcast. James is double Paralympian and has competed internationally in a range of sports. Each week on the Mindset Athlete Podcast, James speaks to an inspirational athlete, or expert and discusses a range of topics linked to optimising human performance. This wasn't the usual podcast talking about sets and reps. We went off into some interesting areas and if you listen to this podcast you'll hear my thoughts on the following areas.

What I mean by shared ambition...

Has an enforced break (this was recorded during the COVID-19 lockdown) been a blessing in disguise?

Who are the real winners and losers of the postponement of Tokyo 2020?

'Planned unpredictability'

'Robots vs Humans' we didn't discuss the rise of machines! It was about the lost art of coaching.

What was the reason behind the book You're Hired?

Out of all the sports that I have worked with; which was the most fulfilling?

'Athletes can get spoilt but so can coaches'

My top tips for training during the current climate?

'You can't play yourself into shape'

Why I think people are going to struggle when it comes to their mindset this winter if we are still in the grip if COVID-19?

What athlete would I like to sit down and have a chat with dead or alive? And why?