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Fed up of struggling to break into the Strength and Conditioning profession? Is working at your local gym not good enough anymore? Do you want to establish yourself as a Strength and Conditioning coach?

If you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall or struggling to get a foothold, then this book is for you. You’re in the right place.

‘You’re Hired: An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a Strength and Conditioning Coach’ is going to tackle the biggest problem faced by aspiring Strength and Conditioning coaches, breaking into the profession and forging a successful career.

Marie Curie Cancer Care

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All funds made from the sale of this book will be donated to two charities very close to Nick heart. Nick will be donating 75% to Marie Curie Cancer Care and 25% direct to the UKSCA’s Richard Holmes Memorial Fund.

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Nick has put together an ‘honest account of what it takes to work as a strength and conditioning coach in high performance sport…and he can’t be accused of sugar coating anything. This book is a reality check. Nick discusses how to stand out from the crowd, how to be a great coach, how to get your foot in the door and how to plan your professional development pathway so that career progression isn’t left to chance.

“A great resource for anyone interested in sports coaching in any form. Lots of great tips and ideas!” – Christopher McCrum

“Every undergrad student should read this, to open there eyes to what is ahead of them. Instead of waiting round to graduate.” – Brian Hughes

“Just finished your book! Took a while due to exercises. Thanks for a much needed kick up the arse! Excited and energized!Jason Tee

“Great idea, well done, buying it now.” – Marco Cardinale

“You’re Hired really gives a real world and honest insight into what it takes to make it in the S&C industry. I found the information on becoming a networking ninja and the personal development planner particularly useful as it allows me to develop a strategy of how I can develop my career.” Patrick Waplington

“Great quote from “You’re Hired ” – “You’re not going to become any less intelligent reading a book.” – Ryan Keating

“Finished the book already! Brilliant read and an awesome eye-opener for me. Taught me a lot, so pleased I read this! A fantastic book for those wanting to know what to do to become the best they can possibly be in strength and conditioning. Brilliant buy” – Jake Weekes

“Favourite quote so far from Nick Grantham’s book “The body doesn’t recognise who you are when laying down those neural pathways it recognises what you do” – Rachael Moody

“Great book for anyone embarking on a strength and conditioning career by Nick Grantham, and 100% of money going to charity”  – Liam Mulligan

“Just finished reading my copy of You’re Hired by Nick Grantham. It’s a great resource and just the practical kick up the arse needed”. – John Heaton

“Just downloaded ‘You’re Hired’ by Nick Grantham after some great reviews – hoping to get some tips to help me move on to the next level.”Phil Williamson

“I’ve Read You’re Hired five times and still manage to get something new from it. Well done you should be very proud” Keelan Melaniff

Thanks Nick, great little read ‘You’re Hired’ honest, helpful and some useful points to succeeding as a S&C coach. – Matthew Williams

“You’re Hired has been a huge eye opener for me, it’s really refreshing to hear an honest and down to earth point of view on the strength and conditioning profession” – Jeremy Saxon

“You deserve nothing, was the most blunt, crushing and helpful thing I’ve read. You’re Hired should be given to all students” – Nash Anderson

“I just wanted to drop you an email to say how much I am enjoying reading your ebook. The S&C hopefuls of the future can consider themselves very lucky that they have such a resource at their disposal to help them along.”Ashley Cook

“This book, although focused on the increasingly competitive S&C industry, is applicable to many careers. It’s the kind of book you should read _before_ you start on a career pathway or a degree.”David Chalton

“Written for S&C coaches looking to get into sport, and inspired by the story of an exceptional young man who’s life was cut tragically short; this book includes some great advice, anecdotes and inspiring quotes which I think will appeal to many sports/healthcare professionals.”Steve Wright

“You’re Hired – A must read for all aspiring Strength & Conditioning Coaches. Nick identifies the desirable qualities and relevant skills sets to become a successful Strength & Conditioning Coach. Nick refers to his own experiences to support the readers personal development. The content is invaluable! I would certainly recommend to anyone who wishes to have a career working in the Strength & Conditioning profession and Elite Performance.”Bobby Moss

“Nick Grantham’s new book `You’re Hired” in a nutshell is the wake up call that every aspiring strength and condition coach needs. This book sets the tone right from the beginning with the profound message of `You deserve nothing’ which may come as a reality check to some coaches coming out of college with degrees but no experience expecting to walk into employment. This book tells the story of Nick’s path from feeling he didn’t belong in a career in the financial services sector to where he is today, most importantly outlining the proactive steps he took along the way. The interactive nature of the book allows each aspiring coach to identify their individual take home messages by identifying areas which they need to improve upon.

Nick gives a step-by-step guide of how to create your own opportunities and how to stand out from the crowd, highlighting that preparation and experience are two of the main aspects in getting to exactly where you want to be. He goes onto explain how to differentiate yourself from been just a good coach to becoming a great coach and how important it is to get your foot in the door and keeping in there.

A message that has stuck with me from this book is “The only place where “success ” comes before “work” is in the dictionary” emphasizing Nick’s point of not been afraid to get your hands dirty”.Brian Hughes

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